August 05, 2006


Floating Soul said...

I hope the syrup was as tasty as this poem ;) ... hey did you get that card I sent? I'm gonna be in town thurs-monday...perhaps I'll run into you at the Bean. :)

camera shy said...

we did get your card and we simply forgot to say thank you
and so thank you very much
it was very sweet and we really appreciated it

consequently, would you be able to make the service in september?

im assuming that you would be here longer than just thursday right?

Jemima said...

Brings The Lovesong of... Prufrock to my mind. Which is always something I'm pleased to consider.

I fight the urge to dip my finger everytime I cook, so eager I burn my tongue and can't enjoy food for days; I'm more successful in holding my fingers still in other areas of life.

I love the last three lines. A question I think I'd love to have answered, but maybe, you know, that wouldn't be the best thing.

camera shy said...


i can honestly say that ive never invoked the spirit of elliot for anyone before

but i will take it as a compliment of high order
glad you liked the piece

yes, i must always avoid finger dipping. always

Floating Soul said...

i'll be there thurs through monday...but then I'm back in NY....I likely won't be able to make another trip back for your wedding unfortunately. But you should post pictures on a blog so I can pretend I was there. Heck gina could even photoshop me into a few of them and it will be like I really WAS there...heh. But do send an invite :) I will hang it on my wall and stare at it on the 15th. in a not-so-creepy fashion.

Jane said...

this was very nice

camera shy said...

floating soul

great new profile photo
very adult of you
elegent even

give us a call when you get in town or something

okey dokey

camera shy said...


you also have a new photo
very . . . death like

floots said...

did my dipping
(coutesy of invalidity)
a few years back
syrup has never tasted sweeter

nice one

camera shy said...


you make it sound extremely satisfying

cant wait to taste it myself

Floating Soul said...

HEY! did you just call me an adult??? Well, I'm slightly offended. but the sentiment is appreciated.

camera shy said...

i believe i did

at the very least

JohnB said...

So it begins farther back,
I'd say right after our voices crack
an one-way blvd toward detioration
and perhaps totally true emancipation

camera shy said...


i think youre right
i think theres a poem there too

Prmod Bafna said...

Missed visiting your blog for sometime! Like the thoughtflow to which you have given words.. crystal clear imagery as always :p

camera shy said...


thanks for the kind words
as always

and thanks for the visit

i think i will be a more regular blogger from now on
moved and had to set up dsl
had to get my computer dsl compatible
was using someone elses (fiances)computer
so i was not able to frequent the things and places i had become accustomed to visiting
but its all taken care of now

andrea said...

I'm kind of glad you don't post more often because it usually takes a couple of visits to really get the full impact of the current poem.

camera shy said...


im glad
that you think so

i take that as a compliment of the highest order.

Plus Ultra said...

Waiting is never in vain....the wait makes the syrup sweeter, for many things in life, a maturation process must be allowed so that in the end you have the best it can offer....but remember too sweet a thing gives you diabetes and adds inches to the waist!

camera shy said...

plus ultra

quite true
and not to be lightly

camera shy said...

"taken" lighty

not to be TAKEN lightly

sorry, left out a word

Plus Ultra said...

Can put u on my links? email me, pl

camera shy said...

plus utlra

yes, of course
in fact, i plan to link you too

Anon said...

Beautiful. The words are wonderful and pictures are great. How else, indeed?

camera shy said...


thank you for the kind words
glad to have you here

yes, how else
how else